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How My Journey Started By Bill Bush

As far as I can remember I have always thought abortion was morally wrong.

My earliest conviction against abortion came from a spiritual perspective. I believed God created everybody and read Psalm 139:13, which said, “For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.” I figured if God created it, we shouldn’t abort it.

I would guess my first thoughtful considerations of abortion came in college, though I can’t pinpoint exactly when.

I haven’t had people share their personal abortion experiences with me. I’ve never been involved with any pro-life groups or closely known anyone involved in such groups. Abortion has always felt like a distant issue for me.

I’ll admit, even though I believe abortion is wrong, I’ve been somewhat comfortable with the common exceptions—in cases of rape and incest or when the mother’s life is at risk. I think it’s because I couldn’t imagine myself telling someone in the midst of such circumstances that they couldn’t have an abortion, so I emotionally justified it.

Recently I saw two videos making their way across online media sites. One was of a Virginia legislator who had introduced a bill to allow third trimester abortions in certain cases. She said her bill allowed abortion in cases where the doctor deemed the mental health of the mother was in danger, and that the doctor didn’t need specialized training in mental health to make the decision.

The second was of the Virginia governor, Ralph Northam, speaking on a radio program the next day about the bill. In short, he said after the baby is delivered, it would be resuscitated if the mother wanted, then she could discuss with the doctor whether to abort it.

I wrote a scathing article in the newspaper that week condemning that line of thinking. And it woke me up.

We’ve allowed the pro-abortion side to win in this country for far too long. I have allowed the pro-abortion side to win in this country for far too long.

The word God gave me this year is surrender. I’ve tried to ask God every day how I needed to continue to surrender my life to Him. Now I say that same prayer and ask what He wants me to do about abortion.

I’ve watched dozens of vides on abortion since then, trying to educate myself. I hope and encourage each of you to spend some time reading or watching, educating yourselves.

But if you only watch one video, start with this one. Then pray and ask God what He wants you to do about it. Maybe if enough of us pray, He will show us how to start making a difference. I know I can’t do anything alone.

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